Code of conduct

A GAIN member is committed to the GAIN Code of Conduct to:

  • Deal fairly and honestly with customers.
  • Fully maintain its Gas-Safe or NICEIC registration (heating installers).
  • Uphold this Code and assist the Network in its implementation.
  • Supply its employees with all the necessary training, tools, equipment and materials to undertake the work required.
  • Investigate any complaint levelled against it by a customer and, if the complaint is justified, take necessary action in order to rectify the situation.
  • Agree to the Association’s Management Board or its representative acting as arbitrator, when requested to do so by a customer, and abide by the decision of such arbitration.

A GAIN member agrees not to:

  • Intentionally give false or misleading information to its customers verbally, in writing or literature, and to use all reasonable care to avoid doing this.
  • Make any inaccurate, misleading or malicious reference to a competitive product or service.
  • Knowingly or deliberately damage the professional reputation of another company within the industry, whether the company is a member or not, in order to further its own business or otherwise.